Our Mission

A place for word weavers

and wonder seekers.


To Our Readers: We produce books that engage and inform, develop and strengthen a love for reading, and bring smiles and laughter to the world. Our books are made with all readers in mind and with a focus on the "R" factor . . . Re-readability! We want them to be read time and again, to be cherished, and to light the way on a lifetime of reading adventures. 


To Our Creatives: We know the publishing industry isn't only about books; it's about the people who make them, too! We provide a system of respect and support for creatives and their work throughout the publishing process and beyond. We are committed to communication, collaboration, cultivation, and community! 

As a small, family-owned independent publishing company, our team members wear many hats and come from a variety of backgrounds with a range of experience in the children's book publishing industry. We are also parents, business owners, and all-around daily task-masters. Together, we are joined in the common goal of bringing stories to our readers that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Publisher, Editor - Sandra Foreman Sutter is the owner ("top gnome") at GRP. She is the author of two traditionally published picture books, a former attorney and addictions counselor. She's also a mom, crazy cat lady, and fan of kind people. 

Acquisitions and Editorial Advisory Board - A team of published KidLit authors with comprehensive experience and knowledge in writing for the children's book market review manuscripts considered at GRP and assist with

editorial tasks.

Marketing and Publicity Assistance - Jennifer Watson develops and implements marketing plans for GRP titles and provides support with social media presence and public communications. She is also an author, teacher and all-around cool lady.


Book Design Services & Special Projects - GRP Author and illustrator Bonnie Kelso lends her expertise to the team through creative and technical art and design assistance. We are lucky to work alongside such talent!  

Educational Resources Development Tina Shepardson is a former award-winning teacher and a published children's book author. She crafts materials for use in classrooms, libraries, and anywhere readers want to enjoy and use GRP's books to engage in learning opportunities. 


Logo and Gnome Artwork Design - Artist and illustrator, Wendy Leach, created our logos and website banner. She also lends her talent to the creation of themed gnomes for individual books and special projects. 

Our Team

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